Lagolio and the Bay of Messara

Beautiful Beaches, picturesque villages, fantasic gorges, amazing history and much more


Luxury Villa Zeus & Dione is located close to the village Lagolio,in South Crete Messara Bay .

At the foot of Mount Psiloritis and only 7 kms away from the beach, Lagolio is the perfect location to combine relaxed beach holidays with hiking and mountain walking tours. Lagolio is small and peaceful village,it has just one tavern "Imeros", where you can get very good and typical Cretan food. It is situated in the olive trees fields in the south of Crete just above the Minoan settlement Palace of Phaistos and 4 kilometer north of the village of Timbaki, where you can find all kinds of amenities.

South Crete has a lot of offer for all kind for guests

Fantastic beaches

Our area has many different beaches like Komos Beach with deep golden sand backed by natural dunes and cliffs topped with tamarisk trees, the Red Beach, one of the most scenic and secluded beaches of the wider region, where you arrive by walking 20 minutes from Matala, the beach of Kokkinos Pirgos, which is perfect for smaller children and of course the beaches of Triopetra,with it's three impressive rocks that emerge from the blue sea.

And with a bit of luck you will see the famous Caretta - Caretta Turtle.

Archaeological site

The roots of the Phaistos Area are longing back to the former Minoan period in bronze age. Approximately from 2000 - 1700 before Christ. The Minoan culture was very advanced as the archaeological excavations have revealed. Very huge palaces, advanced ports, creative designed and crafted jewellery made of gold, and a lot more. Today you still can admire the remains of this old and interesting culture in a museum located in Heraklion. You can explore the archaeological sites of our area of Phaistos by yourself or make a guided tour.

Gorges, Walks and hiking

Crete Gorges are the magnificent monuments of nature and will give you a flavor of the beauty of this wonderful Greek Island. If you are an adventurous traveler, there are many opportunities to explore the great gorges and mountains in Crete. The options for hiking in the island are countless, so we have selected only the most popular and beautiful Crete Gorges.

Monasteries and Curches

The Monastery of Arkadi built during the last Venetian period, it consists of a large set of fortress-like buildings. The main building included the cells, the warehouses where the agricultural products were treated and stored, the stables. In a word, it was a well-equipped little fortress where people could find refuge in times of trouble. There is an impressive church, with two naves dedicated to Saint Constantine and Saint Helen, and to Our Lord. Due to the holocaust it suffered in 1866, Arkadi has become the island's most famous monastery.

Farms and parks for family days

Zeus park, Donkey farm, Mihil farm